Sometimes It's Hard to Be a Cardman by Andi Gladwin

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    Sometimes It's Hard to Be a Cardman by Andi Gladwin
    Early Gladwin (2006) has "ten new tricks and five new moves" including a ballsy tabled variation on the Bluff Pass for all the Bluff Pass aficionados out there

    5 Suit You, Sir: card opener
    7 Signal Versus Noise: A-K of Clubs shuffled, and magician predicts the order
    9 Some Assembly Required: Ace Assembly, including All Around Turnover
    13 Open All Hours: an Open Prediction effect
    15 InFlight Control: a bluff pass
    18 8 Hour Fan Change: card color change
    20 Trespass: using the Fan Change
    21 Symphony in Blue Major (with Jack Parker): another effect using the Fan Change
    22 TATFUS: version of Marlo's AFTUS
    25 Swivelswitch: card switch
    27 Swiveltwo: another
    28 Synapse: uses the Swivelswitch
    30 Supersonic: find three selections in 5 seconds
    33 Bold Instinct
    34 Red/Black to the Future: Call to the Colors routine
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