SOLACE By Mohamed Helmy

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    SOLACE By Mohamed Helmy

    One of the very few projects that will get you thinking

    ''Seeing your videos reminded me of my personal journey in mentalism'' - Manos kartsakis

    ''Sounds really interesting'' - Shaun Dunn regarding roses are red

    ''I enjoyed your thinking and I enjoyed watching the routine. Keep up the creative thinking!!!'' - Michael Murray regarding A&Q

    SOLACE is a project that i have put all of my energy and thinking in to. It is my unborn child. let's take a look of what's in there

    Roses are red: I believe, is a very unique take on the amnesia plot where participant not only forgets something but also you have the ability to make him remember whatever he apparently forgot in a very sneaky and clever way.

    The seed: An acaan effect using a stack of business cards. It is straight to the point and hands-off

    A&Q: This is a spectator as a mind reader routine. It is a personal favourite of mine. In A&Q you will find a principle that you could apply to any spectator as a mind reader effect. It is a solid routine with an emotional story as its base.

    Names: Names is a simple name divination. The participant thinks of a name, and then you can instantly start revealing very specific things about the thought of person. Then you ask the participant to draw something that has to do with the name. By looking at what they drew you start by giving them a reading about the person they are thinking of and end by revealing the exact name.

    Legend: Legend is something that made my mind break at one point, but it was worth it. Legend is an effect that creates an actual legend for the participant that has the power to make people talk about it after the person’s death. It touches upon a very sensitive topic, but it is extremely powerful and can stir up one’s emotions at a certain point of time. I provided a different premise if you feel that it is too powerful or uncomfortable.

    That is SOLACE.

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