Soduku by Secret Factory & N2G

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    Soduku by Secret Factory & N2G
    instructions download only
    please note :  audio is Chinese , please do not buy it if you do not speak Chinese,

    The shape is an elegant solid wood splint, but under its exquisite appearance, it is the crystallization of technology!
    A new creation from Secret Factory and N2G Magic hides technology into the invisible!
    While the audience is writing, writing (or drawing) and lifting the pen on any of the squares of Jiugongge, you can know which grid he is writing (painting)! With this principle, you can perform countless processes!
     There will be complete teaching along with the props, including:
    1. Tic Tac Toe Copy (Close View and Stage Edition)
    2, color test
    3. Electronic Sudoku
    4, graphical psychological test
    5, the first impression
    6, OOXX confrontation
    7, two-stage Sudoku reading
    8, constellation reading
    9, digital addition reading
    10, deep fear
    Highlight features:
    · Close-up stage can be used (teaching will detail how to use this prop on the stage)
    · Wireless charging
    · Wireless magnetic switch
    · All items can be 100% displayed and 100% checked
    · 5~10 meters long receiving distance, allowing you to perform at incredible distance
    · Solid wood, collection quality
    · Widely used, used on all mind magic themes you can think of! ! !
    · All items and accessories are not consumables.
    The full set of items includes:
    · Prop wood board
    · Prop pen (non-consumable)
    · Magnetic Control Switch & Charging Accessories
    · Jiugongge note paper (with super cheap supplement package for sale)
    · Dedicated receiver
    · Charging Cable

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