Sleight Intended by J. G. Thompson Jr.

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    From the foreword:
    For years the pattern has been the same. A newcomer to magic invariably turns first to cards as a vehicle for mystification. He spends hours upon hours mastering difficult sleights and then, to his dismay, learns of the existence of easier and more effective maneuvers hidden away in magical literature - moves about which he could have no knowledge, but which would have made his previous struggles unnecessary, or, at least, eased them. Gradually he discards the results of many arduous hours of practice and substitutes the newly discovered and simplified versions until, after a score of years, he possesses a series of comparatively easy sleights that enable him to accomplish without difficulty the feats that caused him so much sweat and tears earlier.
    In 1948, I decided to do something about this situation and wrote the first version of Sleight Intended, which was published in the October issue of The Linking Ring.

    In 1956, it was revised and included in the text of Top Secrets Of Magic, Volume 1.

    Another revision, prepared about 1970, has become a part of Miracle Makers.

    Chapter 1: Shuffles And Cuts
    Standard Shuffles
    Fancy Shuffles
    False Shuffles
    False Cuts
    Chapter 2: Peeks And Keys
    Bottom Peek
    Top Peek
    Some Special Keys
    Key Insurance
    Triple Threat Card
    Chapter 3: Controls
    The Double Cut
    Hindu Shuffle
    A Natural Jog-Control
    Glide Control
    Sarles-Simon-Rutledge Card Control
    The Master Move
    A Fancy Control
    The Pass
    The Hocus Pocus Pass
    The Pocket Pass
    Gyrations At The Pass
    Controls For More Than One Card
    Multiple Card Pass
    The Lost Card
    The Chesbro Flipover
    Chapter 4: Exchanges
    Double Lift
    Controlled Double Lift
    After The Lift
    The Glide
    Slip Change
    Color Changes
    Chapter 5: Plus Or Minus More Or Less
    Multiple Switches
    The Five-Cent Switch
    The Counts
    Three As Two
    Chapter 6: Forces
    Chapter 7: Reverses And Palms

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