Silverdusted by Scott F. Guinn

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    Silverdusted by Scott F. Guinn

    #2 in the Sit-Down Coin Magic series, this is one of Scott's most acclaimed coin routines. You introduce a saltshaker filled with “coin concentrate” (silver glitter). You sprinkle a little of the dust onto your obviously empty hand, squeeze, and a half dollar appears in your hand! You decide to demonstrate the special properties of this coin, making it vanish, reappear, penetrate the table, turn into a foreign copper coin and back to a half dollar! Finally, with a squeeze and a crumble, the coin dematerializes back into the shaker, and your hands are absolutely empty!

    This routine is visually striking and magically mesmerizing. It flows from one effect to the next, building to a powerful magical crescendo. This routine was part of Scott's act that won his first close-up magic competition. But it is not a "competition" piece--it was designed for real people, even though it also wows magicians. Just when the wise ones think they are on to you, they realize they aren't! This piece is a lesson in the routining and construction of strong magic.

    Scott explains every detail in 30 pages of his famously clear and readable writing style, accompanied by 40 large, clear photographs.

    That routine is gorgeous--just gorgeous! - Jeff Martin

    I think this is what coin magic should look like! - Aldo Colombini

    You've learned a bunch of different coin sleights and never use them, right? Now you will, in a continuous flowing sequence that makes sense -- plus learn some new moves and sleights that you will immediately add to other effects. Sit down for this! Yes, it's done at the table -- where else would a salt shaker be natural? Sprinkle a little magic into your life! Shake the piggy bank and I'm sure you'll find $10 -- or check the couch. Then be prepared to learn some neat stuff! - Ken Muller

    This is a routine that is delightful to perform and to view. In “Silverdusted” a lot of magic happens: the production of a coin, which vanishes, reappears, penetrates the table, changes several times and disappears at the end. This makes “Silverdusted” a complete coin act, very suitable for the sitting magician in a more formal venue. It’s more than worth it to take time and effort to master the routine. Here we have a real “worker”. It’s a delightful close up routine. Well written, easily understandable for even non-English speaking magicians. Very detailed descriptions--really readable as an ebook. A 10 out of 10! - Peter Vanspauwen

    Scott has done it again with another winner in my book. When I first learned this routine, it opened my mind to many things. Scott goes into great detail explaining his Silverdusted routine. He guides you every step of the way, going over every sleight and body positions in detail. This routine is a mini clinic in routining and magic. Scott's instructions are clean, easy to read and follow, with photos all along the way. Very professional ebook from a very professional guy. Highly Recommended! - Tim Feher

    This is a great routine! The sleights are not overly difficult and are always motivated by the routine. There are several astonishing visual moments, including at least one premeditated "magician fooler." Scott says he does this to music, after introducing a salt shaker full of "coin concentrate." You could add patter if you felt so inclined, but the routine tells its own visual story, with a beginning, middle and clear ending. Highly recommended. - Scott Barden

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