SideKicker by William Lee

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    SideKicker by William Lee
    The selection flies off the spectator's palm and into the magicians hand!
    The selected card flies off the spectator's palm and into the magicians hand!

    A card is selected by a spectator and returned to the deck. The magician tries to find it and claims to have it narrowed down to a few cards, but will need the spectators help. The spectator is asked to extend one of their hands, palm up. The magician places a small group of cards face-down onto their palm, saying "Usually the magician finds the card, but maybe in this case the selected card will find the magician."
    As the spectator concentrates on their chosen card, suddenly one card shoots off their palm and flies right into the waiting hand of the magician - it is their selection! As an added kicker, the spectator is asked to look at the remaining cards on their palm - it is the four aces.

    *No pulls
    *No invisible thread
    *All the cards left in the spectator's hand are immediately examinable

    BONUS EFFECT: "The Jumping Packet"
    A small packet of cards on a tabletop is made to suddenly "jump" about an inch in the air and fall back to the table.

    *No connection between the cards and the magician

    The gimmick must be constructed.
    Arts&Crafts materials are required (tape, exacto blade / utility knife, sewing needle) plus some other inexpensive stuff. Best suited for crafty builder types who enjoy mechanical projects.

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