Shoot Ogawa - Close-Up Miracles

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    Shoot Ogawa - Close-Up Miracles



        Card magic and card tricks
        Shoot Ogawa: Close-Up Miracles

    Shoot Ogawa: Close-Up Miracles - magic

    Fresh off winning FISM, Shoot Ogawa presents an incredible new 2.5-hour lecture filled with the tricks and insights that helped him reach the top of his field.

    On the Sunday morning after Magifest 2023, just about 12 hours after he floored the entire audience at the Gala show with his FISM act, Shoot Ogawa welcomed a small group of magicians for an incredible one-of-a-kind workshop. It was recorded in crystal-clear quality and is now available to you!

    “Shoot Ogawa: Close-Up Miracles” is your rare opportunity to learn from a master of his craft. Filled with captivating tricks, elegant sleight of hand, and invaluable theory, there is something for everyone in this download. Most importantly, Shoot understands the finer details. His routines, drills, and tips will help you become a better overall magician.

    Shoot is widely considered to be one of the most skilled coin magicians in the world, and that is on full display in this workshop. He goes deep into detail on the finer points needed to perform truly elegant sleight of hand. This includes an astounding approach to purse frame routines and invaluable advice on perfecting your angles to eliminate flashing. His deep dive into how magicians can perform more natural and realistic sleight of hand is worth its weight in gold.

    As Shoot is a master card magician too, there is a ton of amazing card magic as well. You’ll love his unique take on the Ambitious Card that adds in a Cards to Pocket element and the stunning Cards Across. He even shares his ingenious thoughts on memorized deck, including a sneaky way to give yourself a safety net when performing.

    There’s also a mini-session on the Ninja rings (close-up linking rings) and Shoot even shares some of the most exciting parts from his FISM act. The real value of the latter though is his discussion on the art of designing routines. You’ll find yourself revisiting this advice often.

    “Close-Up Miracles” is as close to a private lesson from Shoot Ogawa as you can get. It’s available exclusively at Vanishing Inc. and is an unmissable chance to spend 2.5 hours with one of the greatest magicians of our time. Download today!
    Contents of “Shoot Ogawa: Close Up Miracles
    Skills, Drills and Theory

        The art of presenting coin magic to larger audiences
        How to improve your sleight of hand through visualization (including helpful exercises and live drills)
        What the French Drop can teach us about creating realistic movements
        The art of structuring a routine
        Thoughts on using gimmicked coins
        Mnemonica With No Memory - an incredible breakthrough technique that uses a crib that hides in plain sight
        Advice for spotting bad habits
        Designing clothes in a way that supports your magic
        Tips and exercises for improving your angle management (including specific examples using JW Grip and Flip Stick angles).
        An overview of Ninja Rings, including a look at how to troubleshoot common issues


    The Coin Purse Routine
    Learn some of the most impressive moves from Shoot’s Coin Purse Routine that he performed on Fool Us. This includes the stunning visual vanish of the coin as it’s pushed through the frame.

    Rapid Fire Cards Across
    A multi-phase routine where cards rapidly travel from packet to packet. Quick and amazing card magic at its finest.

    Laws of Attraction Shoot will teach you how to "magnetize" silverware, salt shakers, and metal. This is one of Shoot’s signature offerings and is available separately for $20. But, you get all the core ideas at no extra cost!

    Shoot’s Ambitious Card
    A one-of-a-kind Ambitious Card with multiple unique and amazing phases that eventually culminates in a Cards to Pocket finale. This is a masterclass in timing and structure and also includes the real work on creating a smooth and subtle double lift, as well as tips for effectively executing a face-up classic force.

    Stop Dealing Trick
    An impossible and essentially self-working matching effect. They name a number and you deal down, two mates are found. This is instantly repeated multiple times.

    BONUS: Seven Easiest and Most Deadly Tricks With a Borrowed Deck
    On top of all this, you’ll also receive a 90-minute download that will teach you “The Seven Easiest and Most Deadly Tricks With A Borrowed Deck”. This is normally sold for $40 and you’ll get it for free!

    Download “Close-Up Miracles” today!


    Shoot Ogawa Close-Up Miracles


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