Shoot by Root of Magic

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     Shoot by Root of Magic

    (Instructional video, no props included

    Shoot gives the audience the impression of shooting an arrow, but by using a card instead!

    Instead of an arrow, the Ace of Spades exactly hits the selected card. And of course, this can be a spectator's previously-signed card!
    Also, this video includes three more magical card effects: Arrow, Bow, and Target, which are very powerful yet visual.
    Shoot will greatly improve your card routines, giving you amazing audience reactions.

    Arrow: The magician shoots the Ace of Spades to the deck like an arrow. Suddenly, the symbol of the Ace of Spades is gone and it appears on the back of one card in the deck: the selection!

    Bow: The magician shows the Ace of Spades to the audience and places it on the table. The spectator chooses any card and puts it back into the deck. The magician instantly stabs the Ace of Spades while dribbling the cards. Suddenly, the symbol of the Ace of Spades is gone and reappears on one card, which is the selected card.

    Target: The spectator selects two cards, puts them into the deck, and gives it a good shuffle. The magician fans the cards, throws the Ace of Spades in the air and catches it with the card fan. Amazingly, the Ace of Spades is found to be located between the selections.

    This is Shoot, by Root of Magic

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