Seth Race Capsize (Download only)

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    Seth Race Capsize (Download only)

    "Capsize is absolutely beautiful, simple and undetectable. Great job on this one!!!" - Dan Hauss creator of Rattled

    "Finally a practical real world solution to a great classical Okito box gaff, wish I woulda thought of it!!" - Jamie Schoolcraft

    "This is killer! Such an obvious and natural looking alternative to a coin box. I can't stop playing with it!" - Rick Holcombe

    Your new secret weapon for coin magic lives on top of a soda bottle. Hidden inside this unassuming little cap is a secret that some of the best coin magicians in the world have used to create incredible magic. This isn’t just a slot box that hides in plain sight. This is Capsize by Seth Race.

    Here’s what happens:

    You borrow four quarters from your audience and an empty glass. You unscrew the top of a soda bottle to cover the quarters to prevent you from performing any sleight of hand. One by one, the quarters vanish from underneath the cap and appear inside the glass. In the end, everything is examinable.

    Capsize is a cleverly designed slot box gimmick built into a bottle cap that can fit onto most 20 oz bottles of soda. The gimmick that you use to hold coins back secretly is hidden in plain sight and cleverly marked so the magician can make use of it, but a layperson will never find it. You receive two gimmicks: one red and one black. These have been carefully designed to look exactly like normal bottle caps that you find in the real world. In addition to the gimmicks, you get an incredibly thorough tutorial that features the creator, Seth Race, teaching you some of his favorite routines. As a bonus, Craig Petty teaches you six of his favorite slot box-style routines that are perfect for walk-around and impromptu situations. The slot box has been a secret weapon of some of the best coin magicians in history, and now you can use it to devastate your audiences using ordinary objects. Blow them out of the water when you perform Capsize by Seth Race.

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