Secrets of Magic by Will Goldston

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    Secrets of Magic by Will Goldston

    This was Goldston's first magic publication, a mix of magic, some juggling, and a bit of other variety arts such as shadowgraphy and chapeaugraphy.

    From the Introduction:

    To make this work more attractive than the general run of books on Magic, the following articles have been introduced: - Hypnotism, Smoke Pictures, Hand Shadowgraphy, Elocution, Art of Making-up, Hoop Rolling, Ventriloquism, Stage Illusions, Lock Tricks, etc., in conjunction with Conjuring.

    • Introduction
    • The Wedding Ring passed through a Handkerchief
    • The Candle and Handkerchief Illusion
    • The Devo Card Trick
    • The Burnt Handkerchief Restored
    • The Mahatma Card Divination Illusion
    • The Magic Cone
    • Crystal Box and Handkerchiefs
    • The Mahatma Paper and Cigar Trick
    • Valuable Chemistry Secrets
    • The Jenkyn's Card Change
    • New Coin Illusion
    • Novel Flag or Handkerchief Trick
    • The Vanishing Bird Cage
    • The "Mahatma" Flag and Candle Illusion
    • The Laurie Flying Glass and Fluid Illusion
    • The Mysterious Cross
    • New Canary Bird Trick
    • New Revolving Servante
    • Effective Coin Vanish
    • New Sum Trick
    • Cards, Coins, and Glass Illusion
    • Latest Paper Tearing Trick
    • The Lee Bullet Illusion
    • Harry Houdini, "Champion Gaol Breaker and King of Locks."
    • Houdini Performs an Astounding Feat
    • Method to open Handcuffs without a Key
    • The Famous Spirit Collar Trick
    • Vanishing Lady on Horse's back
    • The Sybil Key Mystery
    • Mr. Martin Chapender
    • An Improved Torn Card Trick
    • The Changing Billiard Ball and Handkerchief
    • The Four Sympathetic Lady Friends
    • Mr. Horace Goldin
    • The Bodiless Lady illusion
    • A Celebrated Entertainer
    • New Card and Cigarette Trick
    • The Three Wonderful Cards
    • The New Card Trick
    • The best methods of Dealing Seconds
    • Indian Jugglery
    • Newest Wine and Water Trick
    • New Sensational Card Trick
    • Coloured Sands of Enchantment
    • New Programme, Ring, and Envelopes Trick
    • The Vanishing Performer Trick
    • Spirit Writing
    • The Mystic Celery Glass
    • The only Trick in Spiritualism that has fooled me
    • Latest Coin Illusion
    • Ventriloquism
    • Smoke Pictures
    • Paper Manipulating
    • Paper Folding
    • "Chapeaugraphy," or Twenty-five Heads under one Hat
    • Lesson on Hypnotism
    • Stage Hypnotism
    • The Great Everhart
    • Hand Shadows
    • A Popular Acting Manager
    • Elocution
    • The Art of Making-up
    • Items of Interest
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