Secret Seminars of Magic with Pat Page - Volume 6

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    Secret Seminars of Magic with Pat Page - Volume 6
    Volume 6
    25 Super Tricks
    Patrick Page has been called a walking encyclopedia of magic and on this video extravaganza, he shows why. You’ll find powerful, commercial ideas for cards, coins, balls, thimbles, rope and more, all delivered in Patrick Page’s inimitable style. There’s magic here for all interest and skill levels and it’s all taught in painstaking detail. This is magic that you’ll find easy to learn and fun to perform!


        The Auto Force Deck
        Behind Your Back
        The False Shuffle
        The Riffle Shuffle (False)
        Gimmicks Old and Rare
        Coins to Handkerchief
        My Drink Trick (performance only)
        Prof. Missing Ball Production
        Thumb Tips I Have Known
        Bill, Silk & Thumb Tip
        Snip Snip Coin Trick
        Some Trick Decks
        My Nudist Deck Routine
        The Optica Deck
        Svengali Two Way Forcing Deck
        The Diminishing Handkerchief
        More Rare Gimmicks
        Page’s Phallic Thimbles
        Card Fans & Deck Vanish
        Variation on a Theme
        The Everlasting Cut & Restored Rope Trick
        My First Coin Trick
        Any Card Called For
        Animated Handkerchief
        The Rough and Smooth Deck
        The Mene Tekel Deck
        A Coin Vanish
        Pat Talks About Magic Today
        Impromptu Haunted Deck

    Funny Business For Kids’ Shows
    It’s been said that the real work of performing children’s magic is what the magician does between the tricks. In this presentation, Patrick Page supplies a multitude of visual gags and bits of business to keep the little ones in hysterics. If you want to be not just a children’s magician but a children’s entertainer, Patrick Page offers a treasure trove of material here to suit every performer’s style and act.

        Rabbit and Bag
        Bird Wobbler
        Pop Off Balloon
        Backward Balloon
        Snapping Balloon
        Worm Gag
        The Telephone Balloon
        Breakaway Wand
        Monkey Bar
        Handkerchief Gag
        Hat Gags
        Box Gag
        Kicking Box
        Egg Bag Gag
        Tube & Paper Gag
        Quick Gags
        Copy Spectator