Seanchaidh The Teller of Tales Scott St Clair

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    Seanchaidh is a book of 12 enchanting stories for the mystery entertainer. More than this, there is a magickal effect that goes alongside each piece, interwoven seamlessly and unobtrusively. The methodology is built into the story, leaving the performer to, well, perform. Story telling can be a powerful tool in the arsenal of the mentalist, too few of us ever use it. Seanchaidh shows just how powerful a story can be, how they have shaped our modern world and created and destroyed civilisations. Now, the power of stories has been made available to you. Use it wisely!

    From Richard Webster:
    “The latest book from Scott St Clair, Seanchaidh, contains twelve entertaining routines, all of which are accompanied by delightful stories. Some of the effects fall under the category of magick, while others could be described as mentalism with a slightly bizarre twist. They’re all entertaining and commercial. I especially liked:

    Together, which is a delightful key bending effect that Scott performs at wedding receptions. It empowers the bride and groom, whilst it promotes the entertainer at the same time. Only Scott could have dreamed up Prince, a number reveal combined with origami and a fairy story. Witch, a mystery involving a poppet doll, has a clever force that can be used for a number of purposes, and finishes with a surprising and logical reveal involving fire or water. Scott also includes a totally impromptu version that can be performed at any time. It’s a wonderful effect to perform whenever someone asks you to do something, and you’re unprepared.

    Francesca is one of three effects involving Francesca Rossi, a student of Dr. Rhine’s at Duke University. It uses the same force as Witch to force an ESP card. The story is chilling, and very believable. I’ll be performing it often. Blossom is a charming story that is told while creating a paper rose.

    This is a gem of a book, full of charming routines and beautiful stories. It is story telling mentalism at its very best.” – Richard Webster

    From the foreword by Neal Scryer:
    “‘Seanchaidh – The Teller of Tales’ delivers in spades. Similarly, to his other books written across the years, it includes good, organic, thought provoking material, conveyed in his own style (which merits him as worthy of inclusion alongside many other giants of mentalism)… the beauty of such presentation is that the magic is subtle and routined as a spectator experience. The performer’s methodologies are cleverly built in to let you concentrate on enjoying your performance. Simply put, this is another St Clair classic!” – Neal Scryer

    “Wow what a great book -While this is filled with great effects, it also offers something even more powerful – it connects to your audience through story telling. This heightens each routine and really leaves an impact on your audience they will never forget.” – Paul Romhany – Vanish Magazine

    “In the aptly titled Seanchaidh, Scott once again brings us a blend of creatively enchanting and captivating performances – this time with an emphasis on storytelling. Be it a light or darker premise, the magick of each experience is incidental – the impact memorable. Plus, for those who follow Scott’s work as I do, you will also find some more gems of thinking between the lines too. Highly recommended.” – Steve Drury

    “Scott St Clair offers a wonderful collection of effects and routines with a very strong set of narratives. Each routine offers something in and of itself, but could also be joined together for a compelling performance suitable for anyone working in mystery entertainment.’ – Todd Landman, Academic Magician.

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