Sean Fields - Cream

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    Sean Fields - Cream


    Difficulty – In the region of a 2
    (1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used, 4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

    This is my own personal handling, the effect supplied is slightly different
    You borrow from a spectator a nice crispy £10 note. You have a good look and say “Nope, this one’s genuine… anyone got another?”
    You’re handed another note, whilst you explain…

    “Strange thing, this, but during my magic experiments with money effects, I’ve found more and more that notes have popped up that have already been used by magicians in their effects. Most of you have seen the old ‘£5 note becomes a £10 note’, or the famous ‘£20 note turns into a blank piece of paper then back again’ trick.
    You may therefore be wondering ‘If this magician can turn a fiver into a tenner, surely he can double his money every time he earns it???'”

    As you show both hands empty, you carry on:

    “Well, the truth is, it’s more a case of hypnosis. You see, this second £10 note has already been ‘hexed’ from being a fiver to looking like a tenner. Watch, I’ll show you…”

    You take the note, fold it up, and instantly, AND VISIBLY, it becomes a £5 note! Your hands are, of course, clean and empty.

    “You see, it’s really only a five. That’s all it’s ever been. You’ve been diddled, sorry”

    You hand the fiver back to the rather upset spectator…

    “Oh, you want me to put it back to a £10??? That’s pretty dishonest, you know!”

    You take the £5, and almost instantly make it a £10 again.

    And there’s not a TT in sight (except on the Isle of Man, of course!)

    After my initial disgust and shock upon receiving this item, I decided to persevere and give it a bit more of a chance. I read the routine through carefully once more, and decided to have a go on a ‘victim’ (well, my good ol’ mom, actually). After picking her jaw up off the floor, she actually said ‘that’s clever, couldn’t even see the [TT]’ – yes, she knows about these things, after an embarrassing incident many moons ago when she found a TT in my trouser pocket!

    So, what was my initial problem? I think that it was nothing more than the fear of something new. And this certainly IS something new – and weird – and clever.

    Being honest, I felt the same when I first opened the ‘Flight 204’ package, also by Sean Fields. Now, although I’m still not 100% confident enough to perform ‘Flight 204’ yet, I’m sticking with it because I know somewhere deep down that this will work. Similarly with the CREAM effect, I am going to stick with it.

    Sean Fields is a very dynamic and different magician. Both of these effects are very ambitious – and he’s really put his neck on the line here, in both terms of expecting credibility and also expecting us to believe in him. And it’s this confidence he has in HIMSELF that leads me to believe that yes, this IS something that I will master, and I too will be able to perform it as fluently as Sean (see the demo videos – just do a google search).

    The handling for this effect quite frankly came as a bit of a shock. I’d watched the video demo several times, and I just HAD to know how it was done. I can see a lot of potential for this being a part of table hopping and close up routines, and once you’ve mastered the basic moves, the scope for creativity is high. It could readily fool other magi – who will be expecting to see a TT somewhere.

    Performance is quite easy to do (although to do it FLUENTLY will take some work), but DO persevere with the rather difficult to follow instructions. I think it’s not so much difficult in terms of the performance – as once you’re up to speed, it’s actually quite simple – but I do feel that it is quite hard to follow. A video instruction would have been a GREAT help here, although I must confess I do usually prefer the written word.

    The gimmick which is used is VERY strange to behold. I really can’t go into detail, but I was so disappointed when I first opened the package that I cast it aside and went and had some food without a further glance! Please, don’t make that mistake – stick with it!

    It’s virtually angle-proof, and there IS a ditch involved to finish totally clean, but ditching is very easy, as your hands appear totally clean anyway! There’s not really an issue with re-sets for table hopping and the like – as the gimmick ‘just does what it does’.

    It’s definitely something that will require some time investing, as this is a knockout effect. I’ll probably update this page when I’m an expert ‘Creamer’.

    8/10 – Loses 1 point for the gimmick, which I feel could have been done better, and also loses a point for the quite difficult to follow manuscript.

    However, the quality of the documentation and the actual effect are very good.

    Recommended to anyone who is confident with concealments – but if you’re not a TT fan, stay away – as this will drive you mad.


    Sean Fields - Cream

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