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    A new way of thinking, a new way of Mentalism. YLEM is a must have tool. It can enhance all your work. I personally use ideas from it, in a different way. You can adapt it to your personal needs. He has found a new form of Mentalism, I guarantee you'll love it. A no regret purchase!" - Marc Salem

    YLEM - condensed state of matter at the creation of the Universe, which became subatomic particles and elements as we understand them today. 2 (historical) Thought to be derived from an ancient Hebrew word meaning, 'space between heaven and earth'.

    'The Work of a Brilliant Mind' - Marc Salem

    YLEM is a collection of tools for the mystery performer. Each tool is described in the form of one of the ten effects in the book, which comprises of two sections. The first section, Genesis, contains five effects based on the concepts of Energy and Fate; the second, Revelations, contains five effects based on the concepts of Sin and Virtue. Energy, Sin and Virtue, if they exist at all, have been around since the dawn of time. The book explores the concept of 'the space between heaven and earth', the unknown forces and energies that influence, or even control, our lives. At the end of the book you are given one example of how these tools (or building blocks) can be themed - creating a powerful, full, routine (and offering you an alternative use for some of the tools provided).

    YLEM also provides links to the resources used in the effects, including a link to 20 unique and original cards used in some of the effects. Also included is a link to the video page where some of the tools are explained further. YLEM is a 117 page 6×9 hardback.

    'I've Become a Huge Fan' - Paul Romhany (Vanish Magazine)

    Praefatio - Marc Salem Proceed with Wonder... I have read thousands of mentalism and magic books in my day, but few are as entertaining, useful and vital as Scott's. Vital is a key word, it makes your mentalism alive and memorable... Scott makes mentalism live. I do not know what his magic spell was, perhaps the combination of unique titles, methods, and effects, but I have reread this book several times before writing this intro. Its impact sustains itself and grows. It's enchanting in a haunting kind of way, and you can direct it all into your own personal style.

    Its originality makes me smile or gasp, his process is unique. You will discover a great deal about yourself as a performer as you read his secrets. Some may be too good to have been written, this is certainly not fluff. Rarely has a book and writer made me wish to explore his earlier work. I feel compelled to read all he has written.

    He gives thanks to Steve Drury, one of the deepest thinkers in mentalism and allied arts, and a good friend, but this book is all St. Clair. Please first read the description and follow Scott's excellent instruction. I want you to then make it your own, and you have a tremendous teacher. I thought there was little new I could learn in this wonder art. I was wrong.

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