Scott St. Clair - TITAN Book Tests

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    Scott St. Clair - TITAN Book Tests


    “Wow! A tremendous amount of thought went into this production and what came out includes completely new (to me) hard-hitting concepts along with evolutions of some of the best from the past (fully credited mind you). The result being one of my favoite booktest – for SURE!  There is plenty to get excited about here in terms of content and impact. Equally shocking is the incredible introductory price.” – Paul Romhany (Vanish Magic Magazine)





    Imagine a book test that uses a fully examinable book! That the spectators can read, cover to cover. That they’ll WANT to read cover to cover. That you give out and never take back (until the effect is over).

    • No ‘flashback’ – this is hands off!
    • No peek
    • No gimmick
    • No switch
    • No moves
    • No questions and nothing said or written down

    You don’t need to imagine, TITAN is here! Based on Morgan Robertson’s ‘Futilty’, this book test already has a great backstory and a timeless hook. This novel predates the ill-fated Titanic by over a decade, yet features an unsinkable liner, the largest in the world, that hits an iceberg and sinks. The name of this liner?

    The Titan! This, subtly altered, novel is a talking point in its own right. Add in the fact that it contains FIVE forces and you have a winner!

    But, TITAN goes further—there is a second novel, Frankenstein. This book is customised to allow you to use it in conjunction with the Futility novel, creating a truly powerful piece of mentalism! In addition, this second book contains yet another built in force. Both books have built in cribs to aid the performer.

    But wait, TITAN is the Triple Book Test. The addition of an ungimmicked dictionary allows the use of all THREE books in what is an astonishing closer to any act! Also included is a special, wallet friendly, book test based on the TITAN principle that you can carry with you anywhere.

    TITAN comes with BOTH an instructional book and link to a 40min video tutorial. TITAN, the truly Titanic Triple Book Test!


    Scott St. Clair TITAN Book Tests