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    If you've been looking for something to enhance your readings, regardless of what oracle you may be using, "Scarpomancy" may be just the book for you. As you've probably read in many of the cold reading classics, a person's clothing is often an external representation of how they perceive themselves, and as such can provide us with clues about their personality, allowing us to craft a reading that is surprisingly accurate.

    In this new book from Scott Drebus, you will learn valuable insights about one of the most personal articles of clothing people wear -- their shoes. As Walter Gibson wrote in "The Complete Illustrated Book of Divination"...

    "As the eyes are the windows to the soul, so the feet are the things that carry the soul about, and the shoes therefore the stalwart protectors of the soul's motive power."

    So, yes... scarpomancy is the oracle based on shoes. However, before you scoff at the notion of using shoes as a divinatory tool, or the idea that shoes are a reflection of one's personality, consider this nugget of data from Scott's book:

    A 2006 survey by Time Magazine revealed that in America, men own an average of 12 pairs of shoes, while women own an average of 27 pairs. That makes the national overall average 19.5 pairs of shoes per person!

    With that many shoes, it's not too much of a reach to deduce that the shoes we own and which shoes we choose to wear speaks volumes about who we are, and just as importantly, who we want others to think we are!


    A Little Bit About Scott Drebus

    Scott has been performing since the age of 12 in many capacities, and has a wide range of professional talents, including mentalist, magician, actor, comedian, juggler, and sideshow performer. As a mentalist, Scott is a veteran of private readings, psychic fairs and corporate presentations, and has provided his services as a professional coach for other performers.

    As an author, Scott writes in a clear and concise way that makes "Scarpomancy" a fun read and very easy to understand. Personally, I found this book to be a refreshing addition to my library, and look forward to his future contributions to the literature of mentalism.

    What You'll Find in "Scarpomancy"

    Within the virtual covers of this 70-page e-book, Scott shares his approach to scarpomancy, providing both the theory and practice he has developed over the last ten years. Scott's research draws on both experience and published academic studies, and is presented in a way that just about any performer will be able to incorporate the system into their own work immediately.

    The contents of this fascinating book include:

    • A comprehensive list of shoe types (for both men and women)
    • Keywords for each type of shoe to use in a reading
    • Revealing details to look for
    • The Yin/Yang aspect of shoes
    • How to interpret shoe color
    • Scott's "Real Secret" to using scarpomancy
    • Real-life examples from Scott's own work
    • How to practice for the best results
    And, For What It's Worth...

    Long-time Pro Shop customers know I stopped using testimonials in our ads a while ago -- in many instances, testimonials are often nothing more than kind words supplied by friends of the author that are used in a calculating manner to increase sales. I thought long and hard before including the testimonials below, but when someone of Millard's or Richard's discriminating nature has something to say, I think it's worth listening. So, take that for what it's worth, or skip to the next section.

    "Delivering readings in this manner certainly lends an air of true psychic ability, because some of the info seems to come from the psychic realm instead of from the cards, lines or whatever the focus is.

    I like it very much, and I think any reader would also like to have this tool in their box!"

    -  Millard Longman
    " I found Scott's book absolutely fascinating, and couldn't put it down. I've always looked at people's shoes, but it had never occurred to me to read them in the way Scott does. You've opened my eyes to a whole new world of reading possibilities."
    -  Richard Webster

    I agree wholeheartedly with Millard and Richard, and think that Scott's own use of scarpomany in his corporate work (he uses it to select suitable volunteers he brings on stage) will be invaluable to any performer. For many people, this angle alone makes "Scarpomancy" a must-read.


    The Bonus


    After "Scarpomancy" was first released, new ideas emerged from a number of conversations, and we thought they were too good to keep to ourselves, so Scott and I put together the "Scarpomancy Jumpstart Bonus" which allows you to -- and this is no advertising hyperbole -- quite literally start using this system immediately. So, if the idea of memorizing descriptions and keywords isn't your cup of tea, you'll find this bonus very helpful. In fact, once you've read through "Scarpomancy" and the "Scarpomancy Jumpstart Bonus", you'll be able to use this highly effective tool in your next reading or performance.

    One Final Thought

    I'll admit it -- when I've told people that the Pro Shop was going to publish a book about "shoe reading", the initial reaction has invariably been a sustained chuckle. But the more we discussed what Scott has put together, the more they understood its potential. Will it replace the classic oracles like Tarot, palmistry, numerology or aura readings?

    Of course not -- and that's not what "Scarpomancy" is intended to do. What it will do, however, is provide you with another arrow in your quiver that you can bring into play in almost any situation. Once you try adding it to private readings, stage performances or just casual conversations, I think you will agree that it is an incredibly useful addition to your set of skills.

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