Scott Creasey - Multidimensional Q&A a Masterclass for the Modern Solo Performer

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    MultiDimensional q&a A masterclass for the modern Solo performer

    This book is dedicated to those wicked charlatans who derive pleasure from convincing an unsuspecting audience that they possess strange and mystical psychic abilities.

    The Q&A predates every other form of mentalism routine by thousands of years. In it, you will find the origins of what today we think of as mind reading, psychometry and prediction.

    I've been performing mentalism for forty years, but over the past twenty of those, I've eliminated nearly every other routine I've worked on in favour of the Q&A or a variation thereof.

    All the versions I'm doing now require nothing more than a pen or pens, a few un-gaffed business, or double blank cards and possibly some envelopes, but most importantly they can be performed solo and I've included all the methods I've used some of which have already been published and many that haven't.

    I consider the psychology behind the Q&A the real meat, in other words, my philosophy on believability, how to answer the questions, what not to do and the ethics of answering questions in the first place, these are the things that I believe make or break a Q&A performance.

    With this in mind, the first part of the book covers all the psychological techniques and my philosophies about what constitutes a believable performance of the Q&A. The second part deals with the physical techniques; there are enough of them that you'll have at your fingertips a method for just about any performance environment you may find yourself faced with, from close up to stage.

    18 months to complete, 400 pages, 113 descriptive photographs and a combination of 48 routines, essays and observations.

    Welcome to Multidimensional Q&A, A Masterclass for the Modern Solo Performer.  

    Here's what those who have seen it are saying
    "Wow! Wow! Wow! What an incredible book. I've been performing various types of Q&A for more than fifty years, and thought I knew it all. I was wrong. Multi-Dimensional Q&A is the most comprehensive and erudite book ever written on this important subject. I knew this book would be exciting and well worth reading, but you've surpassed yourself, and I learned a great deal from it. The information in Chapter One, especially the sections on ethics, the Tarot and Q&A, and first-person visualization, are worth the price of the book on their own, and that's only a few pages out of the 400! The sensational answer you gave on page 148 is the best I've ever come across, and I'll be using it regularly from now on. I'll be amazed if this book doesn't become the mentalism book of the year. Congratulations! You've written what will become one of the classic books on mentalism."

    Richard Webster


    "Never have I seen anything remotely as comprehensive and valuable as Multidimensional Q&A. It truly is a Masterclass for the modern performer. Everything you could possibly want to learn about the Q&A is covered in this encyclopaedic work.
    I have not been this excited about a new release in years. The quality of thinking is everything you would expect from Scott Creasey. It is exceptionally good."

    William O'Connell
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