SCAAN - Selected Card At Any Number

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    SCAAN - Selected Card At Any Number
    **The performance:

    - You give to spectator a part of deck, you ask him to shuffle it then select any card he wants.

    - You put the selected card somewhere in all the deck. then you ask him to cut the deck a little bit more than half.

    - He takes the part from the bottom and shuffle it as well, then you ask him to select any two cards, when you turn those two cards face up, you ask him to add up the number o them.

    - If for example the two cards are Jack and King, means 11 + 13 = 23, so you count or the spectetor can count 23, and the selected card will be in the 23 position.

    **Easy & impressive, withouth aby sleight of hand, and only, only 7 minutes of explacation then you will be able to do this trick perfectly.

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