S.A.R. Toolbox By Richard Tenace

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    S.A.R. Toolbox By Richard Tenace

    Turn S.A.R. Into A Successful Business or Pleasant Part Time Job.

    Richard Tenace and many others have made S.A.R. into a lucrative business, and now Mr. Tenace reveals his secrets so you can do it too. Once you have learned S.A.R., it's time to get your S.A.R. business really working for you.

    Richard Tenace could make S.A.R. his full time job, but he still likes to perform and do other readings as well as his S.A.R. sessions. In the S.A.R. Toolbox Mr. Tenace gives you his S.A.R. business tools, how to easily promote S.A.R., how to get new clients, and all the details he has used to make S.A.R. a profitable and reliable source of income.

    You get the complete lecture Mr. Tenace gives at society clubs on S.A.R. which promotes his business, while also giving him instant credibility. You are free to use this lecture as your very own, and give this talk to groups everywhere. You'll be an "instant-expert" once you learn this talk.

    PLUS: The talk pitches a Back Of The Room book about S.A.R. and symbolism. People hearing the talk will want to purchase this book. As a bonus, you receive a PDF of this book with full rights to reprint and sell as your own, after your talks or at your own S.A.R. sessions. There is space for you to add your own contact information at the end of the book. You may print the book in full color or black and white - your choice.

    You will also learn the important factors of running S.A.R. reading sessions as a business, including The Ethics Chart, Proper Tools, The Office, Setting The Mood, Crisis Lists With The U.S., Keeping Records, Making House Calls, Marketing Ideas, Ways To Get New Clients, Telephone Script and much more.

    This Toolbox also contains Additional Tools for S.A.R. such as

        How to apply Graphology Basics to a S.A.R. session, including important yet easy to recall graphology factors
        How to apply other Symbol systems to S.A.R., including a list of additional symbols, their meanings and how to incorporate them
        How to "Think in Symbols"
        Additional meanings of Numbers
        The S.A.R. talk/speech and pitch book
        Avoiding a common mistake that ruins so-called "experts"

    and more....

    If you want to make S.A.R. into a real business and make money by doing S.A.R., the S.A.R. Toolbox will give you just what you need to help you make that happen!

    To quote but one Technician:

        "The RULE OF FOUR in the S.A.R. Toolbox is worth ten times the price of the Toolbox to me. Honestly, it may well turn out to be worth hundreds of times the cost of the Toolbox and S.A.R. combined!"

    DON'T HAVE S.A.R. YET? Well you probably need it, although this Toolbox can be useful in helping you promote other readings business too. You can modify the basic business concepts and apply them to other reading systems. While the Toolbox is meant for S.A.R. Technicians, we can all use a little help in getting more business for whatever readings we might do. Some of the additional tools in this Toolbox may be applied to readings outside of S.A.R.

    If you are ready to take your sessions to the next level, or ready to have S.A.R. become a real business, you're ready for the new S.A.R. Toolbox by Richard Tenace - approved by Kenton and the C.A.S.P.

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