Sankey's Greatest Hits (3 DVDs)

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    Sankey's Greatest Hits (3 DVDs) 

    It's not hard to see why the magic community is so excited about this amazing set of DVD's. For anyone who wants to learn A LOT of astounding magic and laugh hysterically while doing it, this is the ultimate collection. 

    But Jay doesn't just teach you how to do 25 of his ALLTIME BEST TRICKS and 10 BRAND NEW BONUS EFFECTS. In true Sankey style, he has included a TON OF RARE AND UNSEEN FOOTAGE that will have you rolling around on the ground laughing. Here's just a preview of what you're in for...

    • Hilarious skits
    • Short Films
    • Monologues
    • Interviews in Canada and Japan
    • Jay's earliest recorded clips
    • An entire stand-up comedy routine
    • Highlights from Jay's best comedic performances
    These DVD's are jam packed with magic and bonus material that you will want to watch over and over again. If you weren't a fan of Jay's before, you will be now.


    What You Get


    • Collect Me Not
    • Stirring Silver
    • No Jacket Required
    • Color Blind
    • Mexican Jumping Coins
    • Carbon Paper
    • Identifying Features
    • Fragile Harbor
    • Three Times Lucky
    • Please Don't Feed the Playing Cards
    • Belly of the Beast
    • Smuggler Aces
    • Forgery
    • Joking Around
    • V.I.P.
    • Ups & Downs
    • Missing Evidence
    • X
    • Tracking Device
    • Messiah Vanish
    • Perfect Timing
    • Hotlink
    • Stapled!
    • Fade Away
    • Mr. Clean Coins Across


    Somehow Jay makes the work involved with learning these effects just as much fun as the actual performance. He shows you everything you need to know -- along with the antics and humor that only Jay Sankey can deliver -- that will give you the confidence you need to perform his best effects perfectly every time. 

    • State of the Union
    • Rolling Thunder
    • Mountebank Aces
    • Extended Credit
    • Boxing Ring
    • Spark It Up!
    • Hit & Run
    • Transient
    • Case of Mistaken Identity
    • Nowhere Coins



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