Ryan Dux - Animal Domino

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    (Yu can use normal domino stones or DIY your own cards)

    You have a stack of animal domino cards. Let the spectator lay out a row of these cards. At each end of the row there will be one animal. Meanwhile, you are turned around or you leave the room.

    Let two spectators each think of one of the animals. When they are done, they gather up all the cards. Then you turn around or come back into the room.

    Now you are instantly able to read their minds and tell each participant who is thinking of which animal.

    - works close-up and stand-up
    - easy to do
    - self-working
    - virtually no memory work needed
    - examinable
    - instant reset
    - repeatable with a different outcome each time
    - pack small, play big

    2 BONUS MENTALISM EFFECTS INCLUDED using this prop. Each one is self-working and can be reapeated with a different outcome.

    Spectator drops all the cards onto the table. After each round, the cards that are laying face down are being discarded. At the end only one card will be left face-up. You can correctly predict the animals that are printed onto this card.

    Lay down a grid of 3x4 cards onto the table. Spectator selects one of the cards. You can correctly predict the animals that are printed onto this card.

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