R.P.B. by Barbumagic

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    R.P.B. by Barbumagic
    Hi everybody! Barbumagic presents R.P.B. Three projects put toghether in one!

    1. RISING:
    One of the most natural and practical rising card effects. Spectator selects a card and in the most natural way you get the card to rise from the deck.
    - You can do it with 2 selections (double rising card)
    - You can do it while the cards are closed in the card box
    - You can do it with a borrowed deck
    - Very natural handling
    - All fingers are in view the hole time.
    - Start clean and end clean
    - There is no wax attached to the deck that you have to get rid of at the end, so you can immediately hand the deck out for examination after the card rises.

    2. PRECIOUS routine:
    - PK move
    - Vanish and Reappearence of the ring
    - Balance of the ring on a finger.
    The spectator can take the ring from the finger and you are left completely clean!

    3. BALANCE routine: Learn 3 impossible balances with a dynamic floating ring from hand to hand as a kicker ending!
    The routine consists of 3 apparently impossible balances:
    - the sharpie on the finger
    - the ring on the finger (a variation from the balance from PRECIOUS)
    - the ring sticking to the sharpie
    Pretty chill till now ... but then ... BOOM! The ring flies from the sharpie to the other hand on the finger!

    Special thanks to Damien Savina and Tom Wright!

    Gimmick can easily be found at most magic dealers.

    Have fun with these effects!

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