Royle's Reveals Hypnosis Secrets 5 - Falling Backwards Hypnotic

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    Royle's Reveals Hypnosis Secrets 5 - Falling Backwards Hypnotic Induction by Jonathan Royle
    Hypnotist Jonathan Royle reveals to you every nuance of this tried, tested and consistently proven-to-work technique for rapidly placing people into a genuine hypnotic trance state in seconds. He does this by way of three easy-to-follow, step-by-step training videos, and a direct-to-the-point training manual.

    So, you've seen stage hypnotists make people go to "sleep" in seconds, as they fall backwards into the hypnotist's arms and are then laid down onto the stage. That is exactly what you are going to learn from this amazing package.

    You will also gain free bonus access to three complete home study course manuals covering all areas of NLP, hypnotherapy and, of course, comedy stage hypnosis and street hypnotism.

    These Royle's Reveals Hypnosis Secrets packages (18 different ones are available) will also give you an insight into Royle's unique style of hypnosis training. This can be quite helpful before you make the wise decision to invest into his more comprehensive packages and products.

    The techniques taught are ideal for stage, street and even clinical hypnosis applications. They are extremely easy to master, thanks to Royle's unique manner of instruction.

    You will also get a bonus video, teaching several verbal suggestibility tests.

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