Royle's Comedy Cabaret Bank Note to Nest of Boxes Routine by Jon

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    Royle's Comedy Cabaret Bank Note to Nest of Boxes Routine by Jonathan Royle
    This is the most amazing Signed Bank Note (or Playing Card) to Nest of Boxes that you could ever wish to perform! Audiences are stunned! This routine has been a feature of Royle's Comedy Cabaret Act since Circa 1990. Best of all, it's easy to perform so you can concentrate on your presentation.

    You receive a PDF eBook, accompanied by 22 full-color photographs. And, you get access to several step-by-step training videos.

    The props can all be assembled very inexpensively via EBay. The actual mechanics are very easy to learn and to perform, even under pressure!

    Ultimately, a spectator holds a handkerchief, under which is their own, signed bank note - and it vanishes. It then fails to appear inside a chosen audience member's pocket.

    You now offer to show them a trick worth the money they have just lost. You segue into other routines. Eventually, as a climax, your spectator picks up a large box that has been on stage from the beginning.

    Inside, they find another box, then another box, and then another. This continues, with comical lines being delivered as the nested boxes are unpackaged. In total, we have seen eight boxes.

    This final, eighth box is opened, and a folded-up bank note is seen inside.

    The note is tipped out of the box and given to the person who lent it you. They unfold it as they confirm, to huge applause, that this is indeed his note signed by them earlier! It has impossibly just been found inside the nest of eight boxes that were on full view at all times.

    And while this is ridiculously easy to perform, audiences are astonished and will remember this effect!

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