Royle Reveals How to Work Real Miracles of the Mind by Jonathan

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    Royle Reveals How to Work Real Miracles of the Mind by Jonathan Royle
    This is the perfect easy-to-follow introduction to Royle's powerful creation of "Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques," aka MELT. It will enable you to work real miracles of the mind as you help people to MELT away any habits, addictions, fears, phobias or other issues that may have once bothered them in the past - all in the matter of a few short minutes!

    The ultimate miracle that any magician, mentalist, psychic reader or hypnotic entertainer (or indeed mind therapy practitioner) can perform is to make complete strangers' problems genuinely, positively and permanently vanish forever in a few short minutes.

    Now using Royle's approaches of "Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques" which is a hybrid of hypnotherapy and NLP methods, together with his approach of "Complete Mind Therapy" which is also taught within this package, you will be able to consistently perform real miracles of the mind for your audiences and clients.

    Within this instantly downloaded package, you will receive a 45-minute training video, a large format A4 size PDF training manual of 513 information-packed pages, and also secret links to access another 47 step-by-step training videos.

    Contained within the package is also information on all of the legal and safety elements that are relevant to the use of such genuine psychological change techniques.

    And as a bonus, within the PDF training manual you will also learn how to entertain people with your new-found hypnosis skills.

    This is arguably the best value introduction to hypnotism ever released.

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