Royal Assembly by Joshua Jay

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    Royal Assembly by Joshua Jay

    Amidst all the Assembly routines you have read, how many do you actually do? Most involve gaffed cards, awkward moves, and too many steps to remember. Further, what does one SAY during an Ace Assembly?

    All these problems are solved with Joshua Jay's elegant "Royal Assembly," in which you, the magician, cause Aces to disappear from your opponent's hands and appear in your own. You offer to repeat the effect and attain the winning hand...then you instantly cause a Royal Flush to appear.

    Joshua Jay's "Royal Assembly" is just what you need:

        a gambling routine where EVERYONE (not just card players) will understand and enjoy it
        it can be performed surrounded
        it can be performed from a borrowed, shuffled deck
        it is easy to do and to remember

    Magicians all over the world tout "Royal Assembly" as a favorite "go-to" item, and here is why. The trick is extremely impressive to a lay audience, and you can learn and perform it within minutes of watching the downloadable tutorial.

    As with all of Joshua Jay's material, both the effect and the way it is taught place emphasis on attention to detail and clarity. This high-quality download takes you through how to get into the routine from a shuffled deck of cards, and includes all the presentational tips and handling advice you need to make this part of your repertoire...right now.