Ron Martin Ron Martin's Handwriting Analysis Report Package

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    Ron Martin Ron Martin's Handwriting Analysis Report Package


    The Wind-Up

    If you're not already familiar with the name "Ron Martin" (and you definitely should be), you can read what I wrote about him elsewhere on this site for his other ground-breaking books. Suffice it to say that the world of psychic entertainment would be a different place without Ron's wisdom and gracious generosity.

    To be honest, I didn't even know Ron's Handwriting Analysis Report Package existed until Jonathan Twidwell (The Honolulu Files) emailed me about it -- Ron had never mentioned it in any of our phone or email conversations. Jonathan sent me his copy, wondering if I thought there might be any interest in it. From a purely personal perspective, I jumped at the opportunity to see it, if only to read some of Ron's work that I hadn't seen before. Needless to say, I was not disappointed -- this is classic Ron Martin material, a perfect example of how his inventive mind never stopped creating, and the uniquely easy-to-read writing style reminded me of what a joy it was to talk with Ron.

    Part of Ron's style was a disarmingly self-deprecating approach to almost everything, and this bit from the Introduction made me laugh out loud:

    "Those familiar with my writing style know full well that I am wordy and tend to digress here and there -- and there, too! My books are long! The fact that this "How To" isn't long is a proof of some sort that the system is quite easy and self-contained."

    And he's right -- after spending a minimum of time and effort with this concise 39-page e-book, you can be presenting Ron's Handwriting Analysis Assessments very quickly, at any number of venues... including some that you might not be able to get into with your usual Tarot/palmistry/Runes/fortune telling presentations.

    The Pitch

    So, what is Ron Martin's Handwriting Analysis Report Package?

    As Ron wrote on the cover of the manual, it is "... a complete system for creating quick 17-page personality assessment reports for your clients."

    The system includes:

    • The manual detailing how to create a 17-page report for your clients in minutes

    • Ron's handwriting analysis ticksheet

    • Over 50 pre-written report pages for you to duplicate -- and sell!

    • Pre-designed signs for your booth or table

    • Recommendations for the best optional tools

    Ron's system is the closest thing to "self-contained and self-working" you can imagine.

    The heart of the system is Ron's tick sheet, which acts as your script outline and a guide to which of the 50+ pre-written report pages will go into the client's 17-page report. Each report page contains a full script for you to work from during your time with the client, and many include an "Interactive Combinations" section which goes into depth on how different characteristics interact with each other.

    For the presentation, you simply go through each of the items on the tick sheet: marking their handwriting sample, making the tick, pulling the trait page from a file folder, talking briefly about that trait, and then putting the page down onto the growing stack of pages on the table. When you're done going through the tick sheet, you simply assemble the selected trait pages into a cover (included in the package), and you're done!

    Naturally, in addition to the pre-written report pages that go into the final product, you could easily include a page with your photo and bio to make this an even more powerful memento for the client (and marketing piece for you).

    As if that weren't enough, Ron also tells you exactly what to have the client write for their sample, and why he specifically chose the elements that make up the sample. He also tells you how to subtly pitch return business, plus how to get additional business through references. In short, Ron details every step of your time with the client, including how to signal that the assessment is over, allowing you to easily move onto the next client.

    As designed by Ron, each Handwriting Analysis Assessment can take as little as fifteen minutes, and as Ron says, "Say you got $25 for it -- and I think that you should get minimally that much -- if you're having a busy day, that's $100 an hour!"

    Ron even included in the package the two table signs he designed (using every computer design capability available to him in 1994) and used in his own appearances:


    Am I An Expert Graphologist Now?

    Realistically, no. And perhaps that is one of the strongest selling points about this package. While you will learn a great deal about handwriting analysis just by going through the pages that go into each report and reading Ron's insights included in the manual, you could just as easily use the resources in the Handwriting Analysis Assessment Package as Ron explains them, and have a presentation that is extremely commercial... and lucrative.

    However, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't tell you that if you want to move up to the next level of expertise, you should pick up a copy of Ron's classic book on handwriting analysis, "The Graphologist's Notebook". You can read more about that HERE, but be sure to come back to this page, because there's a special bundle offer down below.

    I will also mention that in addition to all of the detailed information in the 111 pages of "The Graphologist's Notebook", Ron includes -- word for word -- the lecture on handwriting analysis that he presented for years at many different venues, including psychic fairs, civic organizations, and corporate events. And while absorbing all of the information about graphology will empower you with the knowledge to present yourself as an expert, the ability to lecture fluently on the subject will powerfully cement your reputation in the eyes of the public.



    Ron Martin Ron Martin's Handwriting Analysis Report Package