Ron Jaxon - Bottle in Bottle

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    Ron Jaxon  - Bottle in Bottle



    Two different sized bottles are displayed. If you wish you can pour a drink into a glass from each bottle to prove they are both real. Each empty bottle is placed in a separate paper bag. The magician explains that he or she is going to cause one of the bottles to magically travel from one bag to the other.

    The magician picks up one of the bags and shows that it still contains a bottle. After some comedy by play the bottle vanishes. The other bag is emptied to find only one bottle inside. The magician seems to have succeeded in vanishing one of the bottles but failed to make it travel to the other bag. That is until the magician points out the fact that the vanished bottle is now inside the other bottle!

    • Very easy to perform
    • Very easy to construct
    • Very unusual and memorable
    • A great conversation piece
    This ebook shows how to make your gimmick for only a few dollars. Even if you never perform this great trick simply displaying this unusual object on a shelf will bring curiosity to the people who notice it. Which makes Bottle in Bottle a great conversation piece.

    1st edition 2006; 5 pages.
    word count: 1617 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

    Ron Jaxon Bottle in Bottle
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