Ron Bauer - Series 2 Sudden Death Gypsy Curse

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    Ron Bauer Series  2 Sudden Death Gypsy Curse


    This is a packet trick that makes sense. It uses Tarot cards and offers a prize to any winner. You show how one of your relatives’ game of Seven Card Monte backfired because he tried to cheat a Gyps

    From the man whose ancestor almost invented Three Card Monte. He was just ONE card off!

    This handling and presentation of "The Gypsy Curse" is so clean and sharp, there's no warning of the sudden and startling outcome! Learn several techniques of powerful direction and misdirection that completely conceals sleight-of-hand!

    A more than fair 15 BUCKS. (Use your own Gypsy Curse cards.)



    Ron Bauer Series  2 Sudden Death Gypsy Curse


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