Robert Swadling - Swadling Swindles

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    Robert Swadling Swadling Swindles


    Bob Swadling’s THE SWADLING SWINDLE By Harry Stanley Unique Magic Studio This is an amazing gimmicked coin and card set complete with original instructions, routine and storage box (not used in routine) The routine only uses one set of coins – you get two sets with this auction EFFECT: You cleanly show two playing cards front and back then lay them onto the spectators hand. You pick up a glass and place it in front of you on the table and with empty hands pick up the two cards from the spectators hand by the ends between fingers and thumb and place them across the mouth of the glass. Again with empty hands you pretend to pick up specks of dust from the table and place them into the left hand. You then pour the ‘contents’ onto the cards until your empty hand is seen again. You now flick the cards and a coin drops into the glass. You then place the coin onto the palm of the left hand and as it is tapped with one of the cards it disappears and the card is tossed to the table. Your hands are empty. The first effect can be repeated again – the cards are placed across the mouth of the glass and a coin is magically produced again. The coin is tipped onto the table again and one card is placed across the mouth of the glass. The coin is placed onto this card and then covered with the second card. The cards are flicked and the coin drops into the glass. The two cards are removed and tossed to the table. Your hands are empty. This comes in old English pennies.


    Robert Swadling Swadling Swindles


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