Robert Albo - Additional Classic Magic with Apparatus 9

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    Robert Albo - Additional Classic Magic with Apparatus 9


    The definitive guide to the greatest prop-based magic ever created—expanded!

    After publishing the first eight great volumes of his mighty Classic Magic series, Dr. Robert J. Albo could have easily concluded that there was little more to say about prop-based conjuring. Time, however, brought never-before-seen items to his attention, and they form much of the focus of this book.

    In the first chapter, Dr. Albo enlists no less an authority than Magic Christian to help him explore Austrian magic. A study of Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser is followed by an enlightening look at Austrian prop makers, the Klingl family chief among them. Then comes a host of explanations, all fully illustrated, of props and effects including the Card Star, the Rose Mirror and the Card in the Frame. In chapter two, Dr. Albo and Piet Hart offer thorough explanations of Dutch magic. A number of Okito’s pet effects are detailed, with the Bamberg Egg Bag, the Fall-Apart Bird Vanish and the Okito Card Rise well worth the attention of any modern performer. The lengthy third and final chapter, “Now and Then,” offers a wealth of props and routines, from Coins in the Glass to the Obedient Ball and the Inexhaustible Bottle, that have long-established roots, but still earn gasps and applause from audiences the world over. A full-color section showing a range of props, many produced by or for Okito, rounds out this delightful volume.

    319 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

    Full contents:

    —Table of Contents
    —Foreword by Robert J. Albo
    —Introduction by Eric C. Lewis
    —Chapter One—The Laboratories of Legerdemain in Austria:
    Card in the Frame (Hartz Card Frame)
    Mutilated Parasol
    Flying Watches and Broken Plate
    Wonder Clock
    Mirror Glass
    Vanishing Lamp on Tray
    Magical Greenhouse
    Ink to Goldfish
    Wine and Water
    Automatic Card Star
    Production Fishbowl with Display Stand
    Automatic Handkerchief Pedestals
    Automatic Card Spider
    Lit-Candle Production
    Rice Production Cylinders
    Lota Pitcher
    Fire and Water
    Marvelous Skittle Effect
    Guinea Pig to Flowers
    Rose Mirror
    Card Mirror
    Jumbo Card Rise
    Watch Target
    —Chapter Two—The Magic of Holland:
    Wonder Screen Production
    Water-Canister Production (Sensational Production)
    Square Circle
    Okito Blow Book
    Okito Card Mystery
    Chimerical Foulards
    Foulard and Candle
    Paddle-Card Prediction
    Canary-Production Cage
    Silk Beneath the Plate
    Okito Tables
    Double Penetration
    Canary Vanish
    Girl-on-the-Ribbon Illusion
    Okito Card Rise 104
    Redmon-Okito Rabbit Production
    Mysterious Buddha
    Flower-Production Plate
    Novel Dove-Pan Production (The Magic Chafing Dish)
    Ribbon Plate Release
    Wand-O-Ring Box
    Handkerchief in the Bread Roll
    Checker Cabinet
    Card to Canary (The Magic Coffer)
    Cups and Balls
    Transposition Extraordinary
    Duck-Production Cabinet
    Bamberg Egg Bag
    Riddle of the Rabbit
    The Vanishing Wand
    Pearl Vase
    Mandarin-in-the-Box Card Production
    Enchanted Rice Trick
    Shadow-Cabinet Illusion
    Die Box
    Tea-Chest Mystery
    Inexhaustible Box
    Fall-Apart Bird Vanish
    Okito Coin Ladder
    Production Tubes
    Cage-and-Canary Transposition
    —Chapter Three—Now and Then:
    Silk Flight (Mikado)
    Vanishing and Reappearing Lamp
    Nest of Boxes
    Imp Bottle
    Novelty Billiard-Ball Stands
    Vanishing Bowl of Water
    Watch Box
    Walking Through a Ribbon
    Automatic Spirit Bell
    Exchange Drawer Box
    Canary in the Lightbulb
    Clock Divination
    Ring Wand
    Temple Top-Hat Finale
    Mammoth-Bowl-of-Water Production
    Card Plate
    Casket for the Appearance of a Bird
    Sucker Jumbo-Card Frame
    Marvelous Floral Tube
    Confetti to Rabbit
    Flower-Mat Production
    Three Dukes
    Die and Box of Flags
    Conradi Block Penetration
    Crystal-Casket Production
    Card-Rise Box
    Glass Penetration of a Hat
    Bonus Genius
    Color-Changing Fan
    Transformation Production Vase
    Coin Casket
    Shaker Coin Vanish
    Mysterious Salver
    Chinese Wands
    Confusion in the Ark
    Coins in the Glass (Silver Odyssey)
    Vanishing Bird Cage (circular)
    Coin in the Silver Nest of Boxes
    Card and Watch Frame
    Obedient Ball
    Japanese Inexhaustible Box
    Transformation of Bran to a Bottle of Wine
    Ginger-Bottle Transformation
    Inexhaustible Bottle
    The Talking Skull
    The 3D Slate
    Art with Shears
    Coffee Vase

    Robert Albo Additional Classic Magic with Apparatus 9


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