Revive by Duane Williams

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    1. Can their selection be SIGNED?
    Yes. Both halves of the card can be signed. 
    2. Do I have to palm or clip anything in any way? 
    Absolutely not. No extra pieces, corners or flaps are palmed. 
    3. Am I left clean at the end? 
    100% - You can see in the trailer the card is snatched straight out of Duane’s hands after the restore and it’s fully examinable. 
    4. Are the staples left in? 
    After months of routining, the #1 piece of feedback we weren’t expecting was “It’s definitely my card, the staples are still in there.” It’s funny how they weren’t reacting to the signature, but more-so the fact that the staples were still stuck in. That shocked us that is actually ADDS a convincer to the fact it’s restored fully. 
    5. What if someone is standing behind me? 
    No worries. Revive might be one of a handful of routines in existence that can be done surrounded. A full 360 degrees of visual goodness. Theoretically speaking you could restore half of the card and flip it if you need to. However Duane likes to restore and THEN flip it to show the signatures for that extra POW in his reactions. 
    6. Could I give it to them half restored? 
    You could, but then they might bring it back to you later on in the evening/week/year and ask you to restore the rest of it to wow their friends too. You won’t be able to do this. So we recommend you go big or go home and restore the full card. 
    7. Will I be burned at the stake for possessing such power? 
    This has never happened to us, but if you find yourself falling asleep and waking up in 1692, then we suggest you just something that’s easier to disprove as real magic. Like an Omni deck. 
    8. My girlfriend left me, will this trick get her back? 
    We aren’t sure whether the mending of this card will provide a strong enough metaphor to mend your broken relationship, but if she’s the one for you, then it’s worth a shot to learn it for just $20. 
    9. Can this be performed with ANY deck or ANY cards? 
    Yes. In Revive, Duane walks you through the simple steps to produce the gimmick. You aren’t just limited to red-backed bikes like in most gimmicked effects. 
    10. I have limited knowledge and skill with sleight of hand, can I do this effect?
    This is made for you. There are only two sleights in the entire routine and they are VERY basic. This is perfect for beginners and pros alike.  
    PLEASE BE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included