Remote Close Up 1 by Renzo Grosso

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    Remote Close Up 1 by Renzo Grosso

    During the first lockdown period, we lived separated from the world, connected to friends only with the phone; to please my friends I started looking for effects to be presented remotely to people connected, without phone videoconferencing, so that they can use their deck of cards or objects at their disposal, without my possibility to operate, except by checking the game instructions.

    I searched for automatic effects and found principles that in some cases were a few centuries old; others, more recent, often conceived by famous and illustrious names; many of these, when they were published (on paper or DVD) were technically presented, leaving each performer the construction of the appropriate presentation: I created, for each one, a suitable presentation, which was unique and original, fictional, and that it was created according to the operations that the performer and spectator must perform, to reach a strong final magic climax.

    In this booklet you will find:


    A brilliant mathematical principle that allows the spectator to position the cards in specific and known positions, freely cutting the deck. The spectator freely chooses the numbers and equally freely moves cards from one pile to another; the effect is immediately replicable since the choices can be random and the operation cannot be understood by those who do not know the principle; the explanation of the method indicates the operating methods so that the effect is immediately repeated, with different numbers, without the viewer, even the most attentive, being able to understand the functionality, if the principle is not known in detail.


    Amazement, anger, satisfaction, and much more: the non-verbal sounds that humans produce are much more expressive than you think. The tone of voice is one of the most influential elements in communication. The voice often reflects our security or insecurity: it is therefore a consequence of the dominant mood that accompanies us day after day. Together we will experiment on the variations of the voice parameters. The effect is automatic, but a clever presentation presents it as a true miracle of mentalism.


    The great Maestro Aldo Colombini has helped (and will help) generations of magicians to walk the paths of magic. I can't count the hours spent reading his notes, watching his DVDs. In-person, then, he was a giant! The friend of all time, the brother who helps you grow up, the schoolmate with whom you shared youthful stories and jokes. I do not remember the original creator of this effect, although Aldo, in his writings, was always very precise and correct and always cited the source of his research: I have never found the original DVD! Aldo liked to convey the principle, recommending everyone to prepare a suitable presentation on which one could feel serene and master of the act; and so I did.

    The effect uses 23 cards, and 23 is a prime number: I built the story on this, and I added the possibility, for the spectator, to choose whether to put the right or left pile on top of the other, and the method remains equally simple. Have fun.

    1st edition 2021, PDF 14 pages.

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