Razor's Edge by Jay Sankey (instructions download only)

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    Razor's Edge by Jay Sankey (instructions download only)
    Magic doesn't get more visually SHOCKING than this!

    In a visually insane fashion, the performer cuts halfway through a BORROWED and INITIALLED COIN with an ordinary playing card!! A moment later, the coin is magically healed and both the coin and the playing card are immediately handed-out for close examination!!

    You can even use your own business card! It's the PERFECT way to hand it out!!
    This mind-bending effect comes with a specially-machined gimmick, illustrated instructions and an incredible instructional DVD featuring a wide variety of handlings from super easy to definitely difficult!

    Along with the "Super Simple Handling" the professional instructional dvd teaches the "The Bluff Handling," the "Magnifying Glass Handling," the "Mid-Air Stab," the "Blindfolded Handling," the "S.V. Handling" and the "Business Card Handling!" (One of the most magicial ways to give-away your business card EVER!)

    "What a Blast! Great effect. I have been looking for years for an effective way to hand out business cards. With 'Razor's Edge' my search has ended."
    - Steve P.

    "There are very few times when I've seen a magic trick for the first time that my brain tries to tell my eyes that what just happened was impossible. I've never seen a penetration look as casual and impossible as this one does. This is how real magic should look like."
    - David M.

    "This is a great effect! Easy to do and gets a great reaction. A must-have item!"
    - Jacob D.

    "This has to be one of the must-have tricks of the year. As soon as I placed the accompanying DVD in my player and watched the first two minutes of Jay showing the moves required to pull off the trick I was hooked. The best 20 quid ever spent."
    - John M.

    "A clean, fantastically made gimmick and you get to learn two useful sleights. For the money you can't go wrong!"
    - Iain

    "Another winner from Jay! Top marks! Very easy to do!"
    - Damien

    "Received this earlier this morning and it's great! The gimmick is very simple, but should last forever. DVD has some great stuff on it too. I will be down the pub performing this tonight!"
    - Will