Randolph Palm by Zee J. Yan

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    Randolph Palm by Zee J. Yan

    Zee is one of the most respected sleight-of-hand artists… In the world.

    Last year he flew from China to New York to work with us on a few projects. The cameras never stopped rolling.

    In the first of a series of downloads, Zee reveals his most requested secret; Randolph Palm.

    Randolph Palm is a fast & discreet reverse palm of 1 card, 2 cards, or however many cards you want. Pure, unadulterated sleight-of-hand. 

    This project is much more than ‘just a palm’. You will learn:

    • Randolph Palm v1 Mechanics
    • Randolph Palm v2 Mechanics
    • Clap Palm Transfer
    • Randolph Transpo
    • + Zee’s tips on DMB spread control

    In over 30 minutes of tuition, Zee uncovers every use, every variant, and every tip on Randolph Palm. His improvements to a classic sleight become the difference between just knowing… and mastery.

    What’s his is now yours.

    Learn Randolph Palm TODAY.

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