Professor Albert Zolo - Zolo Way

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    Professor Albert Zolo - Zolo Way



    You want to beat the Numbers, or you would not have written for the Zolo Way; the safe way. For several years I have helped people beat the Number Racket in a unique way.

    One man told me that by using my method he has paid his Rent for the last three months.

    Another told me that in six months he had by my method paid his taxes on his property.

    One lady told me that by using my method she had in one month enough money to buy a new outfit for herself, etc., etc.

    And so at the urge of the great God within I am going to tell you, in plain English, how you too, can beat the Number Racket.

    All I request of you, is that you give my method one months trial, but it is to be a true faithful test Regardless whether you play five cents a day or five dollars. You are to follow my instructions faithfully; and if at the end of one month you can tell me that my method is not the only safe method in the world. I’ll gladly pay you back what you paid for these instructions.

    If you follow the instructions carefully, you cannot lose.

    It may sound childish and simple to you at first, but one month’s trial will convince you.

    Know this, that the Number Racket cannot be beat.
    Know that your play pays the salary of the number writer, pays the salary of the pick-up man, pays for Number Books, Number machines, and other expenses and still leaves a large profit for the banker or backer.


    Because you have one chance in a thousand to guess the right Number.

    And many times, if the miracle happens and you do, by accident, guess, the right Number, then something happens and you do not get paid.

    And you cannot collect, for it is not legal to play the Numbers. It is against the law to play Numbers.
    IN ZOLO’S WAY you are right with the law. You have nothing to lose, all to gain.

    I have spent many, many dollars for tips, hot Numbers, but found them all to be guess work. You too can guess. I have spent many dollars for different systems, in the hopes of finding one that would work, but found none as reliable as the ZOLO WAY.

    It is the only method where you, the player, comes out ahead. Here it is. Give it a 100 percent test for one month and you will thank me for giving you the Clean, Legal, Safe ZOLO WAY to play the numbers.


    Professor Albert Zolo Zolo Way

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