PRO DECK SWITCH By Pierre Velarde

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    Imagine a deck switch where you NEVER TOUCH the deck to do the switch!

    Pro Deck Switch by Pierre Velarde takes the deck switch to a whole new level.

    In fact, there is NO manipulation required. You will never leave the house without this incredible tool.
    Easy to do, with NO visible or complicated moves.

    Take a deck of cards, fan them to show all the cards are different. Have 2 spectators each freely choose their own cards and sign them.
    The spectator's individually place their cards back into the deck.

    Incredibly, you are not only able to correctly find each spectator's signed cards, but you turn the rest of the cards into blank faces!
    Hand the cards out for examination.
    So easy to do but fun to play is criminal.

    But you will leave no fingerprints behind, because you never touch the deck for the switch.
    The gimmick does all the work for you.

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