Princess Card Trick x 2 (Special Offer)

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    Princess Card Trick x 2 (Special Offer)

    With this special 2 for 1 offer, you get our ebook on the original Princess Card Trick, including an ultra-clean handling for Henry Hardin's mental card miracle, as well as our ebook on Al Koran's Perfect Princess. Both versions are different, easy to do, and neither requires special cards!

    You get both ebooks for the price of one!

    The Princess Card Trick - Henry Hardin (A $4.95 Value!)

    Ultra-clean handling for Henry Hardin's mental card miracle. Four cards are taken from the top of the deck and displayed in the hands. They are shown one at a time and a spectator is asked to mentally select one. You now look at the faces of the cards and after concentrating intently for a moment, you place one card in your pocket and the other three cards on the table. After naming his thought of card, the cards on the table are turned up and his mentally chosen card is not among them. You immediately withdraw his thought of card from your pocket.

    Simple. Direct. Seemingly Impossible. What more could you ask for? Plus, this handling requires no special cards and can be performed anytime, anyplace, even with a borrowed pack of cards. And you end clean - there are no gaffed cards to get rid of or worry about. Plus, as a special bonus, this manuscript also includes Henry Hardin's original methods and instructions. 9 pages, photo-illustrated.

    Al Koran's Perfect Princess - Al Koran (A $4.95 Value!)

    With a powerful presentation, Al Koran's version of the Princess Card Trick literally stuns audiences - an effect where under seemingly impossible conditions, the mentalist reveals not just one thought of card...but TEN with uncanny accuracy! More than a mere card trick, Koran's Princess Card Trick is a sophisticated, feature mindreading feat with cards that gets the audience involved and holds them spellbound until the very end. It is ideal for private parties, banquets, cabaret shows, corporate and sales meetings, college campuses, and more. Plus, there are no sleights or moves. No complicated memory work. In fact, the effect is virtually self-working. 6-page, illustrated manuscript.

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