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    A card is chosen, which can be signed, and is then replaced, back in the middle of the deck.
    The magician gives the spectator some coins to choose from and to also sign one. The spectator then closes their hand around all the coins and knocks on the waiting deck of cards.
    One of the coins, not only falls through the middle of their hand, but also through a full deck of cards, and into a waiting glass!
    But wait there's more! Once this miracle has happened in the spectators hand, the chosen card has been affected in the most magical and unlikely of ways!
    As the coin is a Diamond Thief he has stolen one of the pips from the spectators chosen card selection as it travelled through the deck.

    • A three stage trick with a Knockout Twisted ending!
    • And a great souvenir to give away
    • All props and gimmicks included
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