Prediction On Lock by Quique Marduk

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     Prediction On Lock by Quique Marduk


    Looking for a great and unusual prediction effect? Here it is!

    The magician shows a padlock. Secured on it is a folded playing card. He places the padlock on the table in full view.

    The spectator is given a deck of cards, and is asked to deal them FACE UP onto the table. The spectator stops at ANY CARD she wants. At that point, she is told to open the lock, unfold the secured card, and look at the prediction.

    When she opens the lock and unfolds the card, she finds a message on the card: "Look at the Keychain." Printed on the keychain, she finds the name of her selected card!!


    - She stops at ANY CARD.
    - The keychain is sealed and printed with the name of the selected card.

    Very easy to do, perfect for table hopping, resets in seconds.

    instructions download only , no props included

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