Positively Positive By Scott F. Guinn & Richard Busch

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    Scott F. Guinn & Richard Busch - Positively Positive By Scott F. Guinn & Richard Busch
    Impromptu mentalism with nothing but a pen and your business card! Based on an effect by the remarkable Max Maven. You write something on the back of your business card and set it aside. You give your participant three imaginary coins. She chooses one and then flips it into the air. She tells you whether it landed heads or tails up. You turn over your card, revealing that you wrote which coin she would choose and its orientation.
    This is a new and greatly expanded manuscript in collaboration with Richard Busch. It contains the explanation for my "Assertive Positive Negative", rewritten with a lot more of the thinking and philosophy behind the routine. It also contains "Triple Play Thought Projection" by Richard Busch, which turns the effect into THREE thought projections. Richard also explains a number of variations and ideas on the premise.
    The original "Assertive Positive Negative" has been my all-time best seller. This new edition is much bigger and much better! But the appealing aspects remain of an anytime, anywhere impromptu miracle with NO set-up, NO extra props besides any scrap of paper and a writing implement (both of which can be borrowed), NO sleight-of-hand, NOTHING to clean up or ditch!

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