Poker Chip Mystery By Bob Hummer

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    Poker Chip Mystery By Bob Hummer
    Here's the original ad copy for Hummer's Poker Chip Mystery from Kanter's Magic Shop...
    That cunning trickster, BOB HUMMER, can be credited with this easy mind reading effect that will really baffle the wisest, including magicians. Six chips bearing the numbers 0 to 10 distributed on their twelve sides, are given for inspection and thorough mixing. A spectator places the chips on the table. The performer turns his back and again the chips are given a mixing. Now a spectator selects any three of the chips - and the performer announces the total of the numbers on these three chips! Repeat as often as desired, the total being different each time, and the onlookers more puzzled than ever. All done by an easy unfathomable method that you can do one minute after you get the trick.
    Our new, illustrated instructions explain how to make up and perform this terrific Hummer mystery with cardboard discs, squares, or even your business cards! 
    5 pages.
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