Pocket Magic Show 3 Transformations by Hal Saxon

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    Pocket Magic Show 3: Transformations by Hal Saxon

    Imagine a Pocket Magic Show with a hundred amazing tricks/effects possible right in your pocket. The thumb tip can provide the ultimate (EDC) Every Day Carry for magicians. Thumb tip effects or tricks can be vastly different thus throwing anyone off the scent of a thumb tip. In fact, the effects or tricks being so diverse means that no one will realize that the 3 or 4 tricks you are performing right in front of their eyes are facilitated with the same gimmick .. the thumb tip.

    The Beginner Learning Series is a series of eBooks covering the 4 main categories of thumb tip magic.

    • Volume 1 – Amazing Vanishes and Productions.
    • Volume 2 – Amazing Transpositions.
    • Volume 3 – Amazing Transformations.
    • Volume 4 – Amazing Restorations.

    If you can master the methods in these 4 volumes, you will be able to perform well over 100 thumb tip tricks or effects. You will have a true Pocket Magic Show.

    Transformations are very rewarding effects for magicians and audiences alike. Spectators are often left completely stunned when an item changes into a different item .. instantly.

    In this 3rd Volume of the Pocket Magic Show, I will review what I consider to be the best tricks or effects in the main transformation category of thumb tip magic. If you can master these effects, you will learn how to perform perhaps as many as 30 or 40 other related tricks or effects. These are the building blocks of effective transformations in thumb tip magic.

    A transformation is when you make an item change into a totally different item. A red silk can change into a green silk. With a transformation, you are said to vanish an item and produce a different item. A dollar bill change is a transformation. A salt in water out effect is a transformation.

    The main categories of thumb tip magic include vanishes, productions, transpositions, transformations, and restorations. In Volume 3 of The Pocket Magic Show, I will discuss several transformation effects, and from these very same handlings I will list 35 more effects you can perform. The core effects I will discuss are very different. The method to one effect is a basic internal transformation. A second effect is a basic external transformation. The third effect leverages several presuppositions that spectators have that help you create really baffling transformations. I would estimate that 40-50% of all thumb tip magic is based upon some of these transformation principles.

    I will disclose how these three effects work, then I will list and describe another 35 effects that you can easily perform based on the workings and foundations you will learn with these effects. You will also learn some intermediate, advanced, and quite covert thumb tip concepts such as the back steal.

    This eBook should open a wealth of thumb tip magic for you.

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