Pocket Magic Show 2 by Hal McClamma

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    Pocket Magic Show 2 by Hal McClamma

    Transpositions are some of the most magical and satisfying effects for magicians and audiences. Spectators are often left dumbfounded when an item vanishes from one place and reappears elsewhere. In Volume 2, I will review what I consider to be the best tricks or effects in the main transposition category of thumb tip magic. If you can master these effects, you will learn how to perform many other related tricks or effects. These are the building blocks of effective transpositions in thumb tip magic.

    A transposition is when you make an item vanish in your tip and reappear elsewhere or change positions. A silk can vanish and reappear in another position or location. With a transposition, you are said to vanish an item and produce it in another location. A signed dollar bill vanish to a sealed envelope is a transposition. A sweetener packet that is opened, emptied, vanished, and reappears in an empty and covered cup is a transposition.

    The main categories of thumb tip magic include vanishes, productions, transpositions, two types of transformations, and restorations. The transposition effects I will discuss in Volume 2 of The Pocket Magic Show are:

    1. Chop cup
    2. Transporter silk
    3. Signed bill to spectator held coin purse or sealed envelope
    4. Sweetener to empty covered cup
    5. The beginner bank night trick

    I will disclose how these five effects work, then I will list and describe several other effects that you can easily perform based off the workings and foundations you will learn with these five effects. You will also learn some intermediate, advanced, and quite covert thumb tip concepts such as the back steal. This eBook should open a wealth of thumb tip magic for you. I will then walk you through several other transposition effects/tricks that utilize the same workings.

    1. Bill, paper, signed note in nested envelopes.
    2. Dollar bill in sugar packet.
    3. Eat that: Hanky/object into dinner roll or biscuit.
    4. Silk penetration through silk fist well different color silk.

    Main sections

    Thumb tip magic types: In this section I discuss the major types of thumb tip magic.

    The five effects: In Volume Two of the Pocket Magic Show, the best thumb tip magic, I will discuss five core effects. If you can master the movements and workings of these five core effects you will be able to perform hundreds of tricks or effects.

    Core skills to master: In this section I will discuss the core skills that you need to master. These core skills are things like palming, fingertip production, flick production, the back steal, and misdirection. You will also learn concepts such as producing objects from an empty container such as a change purse or small box.

    Other effects/tricks from these workings: In this section I will walk you through the very basics of four more tricks or effects that work exactly like the salt vanish and the snotty - blown away effects.

    This second installment of the Pocket Magic Show Beginner Learning Series is a must for aspiring thumb tip magicians. You will sky rocket your Tipistry. (Tipistry means breathtaking thumb tip handling ability, competence, confidence, proficiency, or mastery.)

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