Pocket Magic Show 1 by Hal McClamma

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    Pocket Magic Show 1 by Hal McClamma 

    Impromptu thumb tip magic effects are by far some of the most popular and satisfying forms of magic. Impromptu effects appear to be spur of the moment and not prepared in advance. Being able to perform mini-miracles at a moment’s notice will cement your unquestionable reputation as an authentic magician. There are perhaps 150-200 core thumb tip effects that work well while performing for a small group. If you will learn to handle a thumb tip properly, you can perform these miracles right under the spectator’s nose and they will not see a thumb tip. In fact, the thumb tip is on the thumb a very small percentage of the time. I highly recommend you get my companion eBook, The 22 Thumb Tip Handling Positions. This ebook will show you how to handle a thumb tip expertly and covertly.

    This Pocket Magic Show guide will discuss my absolute favorites in the Vanishes and Productions category. I will also include detailed instructions on my favorite vanish and production effects. If you will learn these two effects well, you can then perform many more very cool thumb tip tricks/effects that operate from these exact workings or handlings.

    Imagine a Pocket Magic Show with 150 or more amazing tricks/effects possible right from your pocket. The Beginner Learning Series is a series of eBooks covering the 5 main categories of thumb tip magic.

    • Volume 1 – Amazing Vanishes and Productions.
    • Volume 2 – Amazing Transpositions.
    • Volume 3 – Amazing Transformations.
    • Volume 4 – Amazing Restorations.

    If you can master the methods in these 4 volumes, you will be able to perform over 150 thumb tip tricks or effects. You will have a true Pocket Magic Show.

    In this ebook, Volume 1, I will review what I consider to be the best tricks or effects in the primary vanish and production categories of thumb tip magic. If you can master these effects, you will be able to perform perhaps as many as 50+ tricks or effects.

    [NOTE: There are awesome effects or tricks in the vanish and production categories that utilize modified thumb tips that are not covered in this eBook. Look for my other eBooks on modified tips.]

    The effects I will discuss in Volume 1 are:

    1. The Simple Vanish: The salt vanish and production
    2. The Simple Production: Snotty hanky production and vanish

    There are several alternate beginnings and endings to these effects. I will then walk you through 18 other vanish or production effects/tricks that utilize the same workings as these two.

    1. Candy from thin air
    2. Money from heaven
    3. Can't see squat
    4. Evaporation
    5. Black hole
    6. Silk vanish and production
    7. Liquid vanish and production
    8. The sugar packet vanish
    9. Sponge ball vanish
    10. Coin vanish & production
    11. Mission Impossible
    12. Messy vanish
    13. Salt from an empty saltshaker
    14. Sealed pay envelope dump
    15. Empty sugar packet pour
    16. Ribbon streamer production
    17. Counterfeit strip
    18. CIA drug dump

    I would guess that 65-75% of all thumb tip magic is based upon some of these principles. You will also learn some basic, and intermediate covert thumb tip concepts such as the back steal. This ebook should open an abundance of thumb tip magic for you.

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