Pinned Card Reborn by Damien Vappereau and Magic Dream

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    Pinned Card Reborn by Damien Vappereau and Magic Dream

    Pinned Card is back! Those who have experienced this amazing trick know how popular it was at its beginning. Created by Damien Vappereau in 1998 and marketed for the first time in 2000, this best-seller was sold several thousand copies before running out of stock during many years. It is now possible to get this incredible, ultra visual and perfect effect for any magician.

    The magician presents a safety pin, has it examined by the spectator and then places it on his t-shirt at chest level. A card is chosen, signed and then lost in the deck. With two fans of cards, the magician wave the deck in front of the pin and the chosen card will impale itself on it. It's the spectator's signed card! All you have to do is tearing it up to give it as a souvenir and you can let people look at the pin still hanging on your t-shirt.

    This is only one possible presentation of Pinned Card Reborn, you will be able to use it in many situations: close-up, cocktail, parlor, street magic, kids show etc....Everything will depend on where you want to put the safety pin, on your t-shirt, jacket, tie, towel, plush. A world of possibility is opening up for you.


        Easy to do
        Use any deck of cards
        Card signed by the spectator
        Everything can be examined at the end
        Different cards each time
        Quick reset

    a full explanation video download only

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