Perna - The Gaiety of Diversumi

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    Perna - The Gaiety of Diversumi


    Perna has gone into the vaults of secrets and in this new booklet, you will learn card material that has some of the most diabolical methods that have dveasted the 21st century audiences.

    You will learn:

    Rye Deal Force: This is Perna's take on a famous force in card magic which dates back to 1938. The participant is able to deal cards face up and stop wherever they want yet you are still able to force whatever card you wish!

    Brusque Control: Two cards which are selected and placed back into the deck in separate places. Yet this control allows you to get the two selected cards next to each other AND get a glimpse of one of the cards a s a key card!

    Syndixious: You and another person are able to divine two cards that are selected even though you have turned away the whole time. The deck can be shuffled and you will still be able to perform the feat!

    The Anodyne Cut: This a talk about using hypnotic effects in card effects and Perna shows this perfectly by talking about how they do this in a participant cutting to their card effect!

    You will not be disappointed by the material in here as Perna always delivers with every product!

    Get The Gaiety of Diversumi today!


    Perna - The Gaiety of Diversumi


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