Perna - Making Gods Out of Mere Mortals

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    Perna - Making Gods Out of Mere Mortals


    The final book of the Trilogy is now here for you to get into your hands! Perna has been in a spaceship creating new effects and refining old workhorses to present to the world!

    Making Gods Out of Mere Mortals will genuinely be an investment you will not regret as many effects pique the interest of any performer!

    You will learn:

    Yapsis: This an instant name amnesia that is based on something that is from our childhood.

    Falsifist: The performer can be a strong man and place their arms straight up against a wall and have any amount of people push the performer yet the performer can withstand the pressure of the participants!

    Mulvanitity Force: The participant is handed a stack of billets with words on them and they spread wherever they want and separate at the position where they want to stop. This successfully forces a card without the performer pushing the participant psychologically in any way!

    Oblige Force: This technique allows the performer to force any word in a shuffled alphabet deck that is in the participant's hands!

    Sight Cipher: This is a way of knowing what number a participant is thinking of via a force that we all know and love!

    Ruffian: This is a truth liar effect which can be performed from another room. The participant cuts to a card, rememebers it, loses it somewhere in the deck, and then takes out 5 cards, including their card. The performer is still able to reveal what the card is!

    Geminisis: In this effect, the performer shows two participants the whole deck and have them each think of a card. Each participant spells out their thought of card letter by letter while the performer never touches the deck.

    Even if the participant tells what their caard is out loud or don't say it at all, they will still be able to spell to it! This effect uses a completely ungimmicked deck of cards and the participants can truly think of any card!

    Cognizlious: The participant takes a tarot deck and deals down to a random position while the performer has their back turned. Not only can the performer reveal the tarot card they chose but they can also reveal the participant's star sign.

    The Rascal & Sumrise: Perna presents two ways of knowing a coin that is hidden in one of the participant's hands. These are new ways of doing this and this can even be done over video call.

    Gasni: This is a propless way of revealing a tarot card that a participant is just merely thinking of and is a great way for you to do a reading in a performance!

    Euliogi Touch: This is Perna's take on the PK touch where the performer is able to predict where the participant will feel a touch in a stage context!

    Get Making Gods Out of Mere Mortals today!


    Perna - Making Gods Out of Mere Mortals

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