Perna - Echelon & The Semblanisis

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    Perna - Echelon & The Semblanisis



    Based on phenomena in science, Echelon & The Semblanisis showcases two effects that allow you to know exactly what your participant is thinking of without them saying a single word.

    By just following your script, you will be able to pluck pieces of information which is astounding to the participant and audience watching.

    In this booklet, you will learn:

    Echelon: The participant is asked to imagine a map of the United States and they are asked to think of a state and a tourist attraction in that state. Without any anagrams or fishing, the performer is able to reveal the state and the tourist attraction the participant is just thinking of!

    Semblanisis: The participant imagines tarot cards in front of them and is asked to think of one. The performer is then able to give a reading and reveal the exact tarot card the participant is thinking of yet there are no physical tarot cards involved!

    These two effects Perna believes will bring new members of the mentalism community in to learn the realm of the underused world of methodology which is the realm of propless!

    Get Echelon & The Semblanisis today for 40 dollars today!


    Perna Echelon & The Semblanisis

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