Perna - Arsonious Seclusion Notes

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    Perna - Arsonious Seclusion Notes

    In Arsonious Seclusion Notes, Perna has presented some of their best material yet which is a mixture of old and new effects that have given Perna opportunities to perform around the world.

    In this book, you will receive:

    Oricci: Three random participants in the audience are asked to think of a playing card that is being sent to them by the performer. Once they have a card in mind, the performer has them write that playing card down on a billet. 

    While this happens, the performer has another audience member come up on stage and a deck of cards is presented. The performer asks the participant who is with them on stage to collect the billets and leave them facedown. 

    The performer asks the participant to take a look at the billets with the playing cards on them and think of one of the playing cards.Once the participant has one in mind, the performer asks the participant to focus on the number that is being sent to them by the performer. So now the participant has a playing card and a number. 

    The participant takes the deck and counts down to that number and the playing card is at that number!  

    Amongsity Principle: This principle allows for the performer to force an option out of three options even though the participant and audience believe it is a free choice!

    Rudiment Principle: This principle allows for you to force an option out of two options to your participant. This is very bold but it works 100% of the time!

    Cloche Peek: This is a peek where a participant places a billet that they wrote on the inside of the hat, you then give it to another participant to have them reach in and tear up the evidence. The performer is then able to peek at the information and reveal however they please to do so.

    Fugue Steal: The performer is able to steal from the wallet of a participant and open it up in front of the participant without them even remembering that it happened. No whispers and No instant stooging are involved, it''s something totally different!

    Benevolence: This is a modern light and heavy chest effect where the participant is unable to lift their phone from a table. There is no hypnotic technique that needs to be learned to perform this!

    Covetity: This is Perna's take on the find-the-hidden object plot where the performer will turn their head and the participant will hide the object underneath one of three cups. With no questions and no mixing procedure, the performer can reveal which cup has the object and even reveal what the object is prior to finding it.

    Priviness: The participant can walk over to the other side of the room with a deck of cards and think of whatever card they believe stand out to them and place it in their pocket. The performer is able to reveal exactly what that card is!

    Amuroticity Force: This is a forcing technique that allows for you to have participants write objects on billets, place them in a hat, name a number out loud and that billet at that number is the forced billet!

    Closet of Tombstones: This is Perna's impromptu version of Tony Anverdi's Mental Die. This can be done with any dice! The participant rolls the dice and opens up their hand, and remembers one of the numbers, The performer can now reveal that number in any way!

    Rhinicity: The performer can walk out of the room and have the participant shuffle an ESP deck of card and select a symbol. The performer can now guess guess the exact symbol the participant select even being in another room!

    Maharajah: This is a second version of a ESP guess but instead the performer is able to have the participant pick up a random symbol out of the five and guess what that symbol is as well is which hand it is in!

    Vade Mecum: Imagine having the participant grab any book, think of any word on any page, and then close the book.Without going near the book, the performer can know the exact word that the participant is just thinking of. Importantly, the performer does not touch the book or look at the pages of the book when the participant is choosing a word.You don't need to buy expensive books from magic sites anymore!

    Get Arsonious Seclusion Notes today!

    Perna - Arsonious Seclusion Notes

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